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Current Fee Schedule


Membership Fee   $5.00
Service Connection Fee   $20.00
Temporary Service Fee   $50.00
Overhead/Underground Conversion Fee   $100.00
Non-Standard Meter Reading Fee   $70.00
Meter Reread Fee   $10.00
Meter Test Fee - Single-Phase   $10.00
Meter Test Fee - Three-Phase   $25.00
Collection Fee   $10.00
Reconnection Fee - Working Hours   $30.00
Reconnection Fee - After Hours   $50.00
Additional Trip Reconnection Fee   $10.00
Returned Check Fee   $35.00
Inspection Fee   $100.00
Service Charge Fee   $20.00
Line Crew Service Charge   $75.00
Minimum Deposit - Residential   $250.00
Minimum Deposit - Commercial   $500.00
Excess UG Primary in Subdivisions (per foot)   $16.75
Excess UG Secondary in Subdivisions (per foot)   $5.50



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