HomeAdvantage Program Summary

Program Summary:

  • The interest rate will be a low rate of 5%. 
  • This is BEC’s incentive to customers to make additional long term energy
    improvements to their homes. 
  • Typically the payback on the improvements needs to be within 6 years.
  • Measures with high return would be prioritized for customers.  These include
    such items as infiltration improvement, duct work leakage, air flow improvement,
    insulation upgrades and HVAC unit upgrades.
  • Building Performance Institute auditors will review the home, develop a recommended
    weatherization summary for the customer and the contractor to bid on the work
    and close on the loan.
  • Customers only wanting to implement some of the measures, like heating & cooling unit
    change outs or low energy saving measures like windows, can take advantage of the existing
    Energy Advance Loan Program with Farmers & Merchant Bank.


The general loan process is as follows:

  1. Customer is interested in making the home more energy efficient or replacing
    an HVAC unit that has failed.
  2. Customer applies for loan. Loan applications are available from BEC’s website (link to application) or at district offices.
  3. After loan approval, a certified auditor will be assigned and will provide recommendations
    to customer, as well as a list of approved contractors (link to approved contractor PDF) to bid on the work.
  4. After the loan is closed, the contractor will complete the work. BEC will conduct a
    post-inspection and gets customer to sign-off, if all work is completed properly.
    BEC will cut check and pay contractor.  A lien is recorded on property as
    security for the loan.
  5. Customers will have payments on their electric bill monthly and have a home
    that is more comfortable and has lower energy bills.