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How does this affect me?

Although this rate restructuring is not a rate hike and is overall designed to be revenue neutral it will still have an impact on our members' monthly electric bills. The degree of impact will be related directly to the amount of power that a service location uses on a monthly basis.


Low Usage Members

Members who have service locations with monthly usage of 0 to 600 kWh will see the largest impact from this restructuring. Service locations with zero monthly electticity usage could effectively see the bill double from the $15 a month increase. As monthly usage increases toward 600 kWh, members will see less impact from the increase. Please refer to the table for an breakdown of example charges. Some examples of the types of service locations that fit in this category include well pumps, detached garages, hunt clubs and low-usage homes.

The Cooperative will be glad to assist members with determining the feasibility of combining multiple services into one service location to avoid any possible increases to their bill.


Average Usage Members

The average Berkeley Electric Cooperative residential member uses between 800-1,500 kWh per month. These members will actually see a decrease in their monthly bill due to the decrease in the base kilowatt rate - which is part of the restructuring process. Members could potentially see monthly decreases in the $1-$6 range.


High Usage Members

Cooperative members using over 2,000 kWh per month will see the largest decreases in their bill starting at around $10 per month. Members using 4,000 kWh or more will save an average of around $20 per month.




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