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Key Requirements for H2O Advantage

  1. The installation of a load management device installed by Berkeley Electric Cooperative is a prerequisite for qualification in any incentive from Berkeley Electric Cooperative.
  2. The qualifying standards for water heater equipment are all electric and ASHRAE Standard 90 or the National Appliance Efficiency Standard. (All manufacturers were required to conform to NAES as of Jan. 1, 1990)
  3. Minimum total tank capacity for the water heater program is 50 gallons. Wiring Requirement: 10/2 with ground copper wire with 30 amp two-pole, 240 volt breaker. Maximum heating element size is 4500 watts.
  4. The installation of the new water heating equipment must comply with local and state plumbing and NEC Code specifications.
  5. The member or their successor in interest grants permission for Berkeley Electric Cooperative representative(s) to monitor and evaluate the installation of the water heating equipment and load management devices and to gain access for a minimum of 5 years.
  6. The member grants Berkeley Electric Cooperative permission to install specialized metering equipment to evaluate energy consumption and usage patterns.
  7. The member or their successor in interest grants Berkeley Electric Cooperative the right to recoup all previous incentives should the member disconnect or manipulate the load management device for any reason during the minimum 5 year period. 



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