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Maintaining Habitats

Years of experience and studies show that the safest and most efficient way to keep electric rights-of-way clear of trees and brush is through the careful use of herbicides. We use a selective herbicide program that assures safe and easy access for our service and maintenance needs while preserving natural surroundings, including wildlife habitat, for all to enjoy.

With less competition for moisture,sunlight and nutrients, a meadow filled with grasses, legumes and wildflowers can evolve. Research shows that this type of setting enhances wildlife and provides a better environment for wildlife to live. this type of vegetation is ideal for many species of life.


Product Safety

The herbicides that we use work on enzymes found only within plants, not people or animals. These herbicides enter through the leaves or bark and are moved within the plant to control it from the inside. All of the products we use have undergone years of testing and are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

All herbicides are applied by certified applicators, or under their direct supervision. Applicators must conform to all local, state, and federal laws in regard to herbicides.


Cost Savings 

The use of herbicides can reduce the cost of vegetation control by up to 75%. Trees that are cut or mowed have to be re-cleared every few years and the density only gets worse and more costly to keep under control.

Herbicides reduce the overall stem density, which in turn decreases the amount of money needed to maintain the same right-of-way over time. The ability to save money and provide quality habitat for wildlife is a win-win for all that are involved.


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