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Safety: Working Near Power Lines

Be aware of overhead wires.

Take extra care when working near overhead power lines – maintain a safe distance of three meters or more from overhead power lines. If you need to be closer, contact your local Berkeley Electric Cooperative office for more information on safe limits of approach. Be careful with ladders, cranes, or diggers.

Don’t be fooled by the covering – coverings on overhead service wires to your home should not be trusted – these deteriorate with age and weathering which can result in exposed wires that can cause serious injury.

Plant trees away from power lines – make sure any trees you plant won’t grow up into power lines. If you have a tree that has grown into power lines call Berkeley Electric – don’t attempt to prune trees around power lines yourself.

Keep kites and other flying toys away from overhead lines - check before your children play – in the event that a kite or flying toy becomes entangled in electrical wires do not attempt to untangle.

Never climb Electrical Utility poles or towers.

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