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Time of Day Rate

The POWER to lower your bill is in your hands!

Our Time-of-Day rate (TOD) is a voluntary program that rewards members with a lower electric rate for shifting energy intensive tasks - such as laundry, cooking and heating/cooling - away from peak hours. Peak hours are the few hours each day where demand for electricity is the highest and most expensive. Members can estimate how much they can save on the Time-of-Day rate but using the interactive calculator on Smarthub. The calculator is located on the "Explore Usage Management" tab.



Can TOD rate save me money?  
Yes. Based on your ability to shift energy use away from the peak-time, you can save money. This does require a change in habits to achieve maximum savings and active awareness.


What are the rates and times they apply?
Summer Peak months are April- October

  • Peak Time is 3:00 pm- 7:00 pm
  • Peak Rate is 29.70 ¢/KWh
  • Off-Peak Rate is 7.41 ¢/kWh

Winter Peak months are November – March

  • Winter Peak Time is 6:00 am – 9:00 am
  • Peak Rate is 37.04 ¢/KWh
  • Off-Peak Rate is 7.41 ¢/kWh

(all retail rates listed do not include power cost adjuster)


How do I know if the TOD rate will benefit me?  
Use the Time-of-Day Calculator in SmartHub to see potential savings. This tool will analyze your last 12 months usage to let you know if you have the potential to save and how much. If you are not sure, we recommend a trial period of shifting power before signing up. You can follow your usage changes on SmartHub to see if and how much of a benefit it can provide you. The Time of Day calculator can be found on the "Explore Usage Management" tab on Smarthub.


How can I reduce my electric use during peak times?  
Lowering or raising your thermostat, avoiding laundry, dishwasher and oven use during peak-times will help. For more suggestions:
See our Guidance Energy Tips on SmartHub.


Is there a special meter to measure and record my usage for the TOD rate?  
No. The meter installed on your home is already providing half-hour data. Our powerline carried communication system makes the TOD rate possible.


What will it cost me to go on TOD rate?  
There is no separate charge for going on TOD.  However applicable rates do apply, so your use during the defined peak times will be more expensive than off peak times.


Can I switch between TOD and regular monthly rate?  
Members choosing to move to the TOD will be required to sign an agreement to participate for one full year. That is because the amount of savings changes in winter and summer months due to demand so the total savings is determined on a yearly basis.




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