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What are the rates now?

Previously, Berkeley Electric billed its members $15 per month for the Service Availability Charge. This charge was bundled in as part of the total Energy Charge. Although this $15 did not cover all of the fixed costs for serving its members, the Cooperative was able to recover the extra costs through its tiered rate system.

The new Service Availability Charge of $0.99 per day ($1.18 small commercial) reflects the true cost of having service maintained and available at all times regardless of whether a member uses zero kilowatt-hours per month or over 2,000 kWh. Please keep in mind, this is not the cost to just serve your individual location. This is the cost of having an entire electrical distribution system available to provide power to your individual location around the clock

The second part of this restructuring process is eliminating the previous residential and small commercial tiered rate system. Now all residential and small commercial members will be charged the same rate across the board. There will still be a winter rate and a summer rate due to differences in wholesale power costs.

The new winter base rate for residential members will be lowered from $0.14235 per kWh to $0.1183 per kWh with a fuel cost credit (MAF) of -$0.015. This will help ensure that the restructuring is revenue neutral. This decrease in the base kWh rate will also mean that the majority of members will either see little to no change in their monthly bill or a slight decrease. Please be aware that other factors may contribute to increases in your bill such as the number of days in the billing cycle, the amount of usage during a billing cycle and the number of heating/cooling degree days.


What is a Service Availability Charge?

Why is this changing?

What is a Cost of Service study?

Why haven't you charged this before?

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