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Earth Connect Geothermal Heat Pump

Qualify for rebates of $250 per ton when installing a ground source heat pump through Berkeley Electric Cooperative’s Earth Connect program. Please note that well source systems do not qualify for the rebate - only closed water loop systems.

A ground source heat pump works much like a regular heat pump, but with one important difference. The ground source heat pump transfers heat between your home and ordinary tap water in sealed underground pipes instead of between your home and outside air. And because there's no outdoor compressor, the result is a quiet, efficient, aesthetically pleasing system that can pay for itself over the course of ownership.

Geothermal systems can also provide "free" hot water during the cooling season. This hot water also makes the cooling system more efficient. Ask an approved contractor or The Energy Experts® at Berkeley Electric for more information.

South Carolina does not currently offer a tax incentive for geothermal systems. For more information visit the SC Energy Office.

If you would like more information about the Earth Connect program please e-mail us.



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