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Standby Power Generation




Standby generator vs. portable generator

As the name suggests, a portable generator is a small unit that can be moved to different locations and is only meant to provide electricity to individual appliances, like lights or a refrigerator.

A standby generator is a larger, permanently installed unit that automatically turns on whenever there is a power interruption at your home or business. It is intended to provide power for your entire home and its size is based on the total daily amount of electricity needed to power your home comfortably and safely.


Install confidence and security for your comfort and peace of mind

The weather in the Lowcountry can be volatile. Your cooperative works hard to repair any service interruptions and restore power promptly but nature’s force is uncontrollable. You can help avoid power lapses by taking the simple proactive step of installing a power generator.  With every hour the power is out for your home or business, the losses mount. A reliable, affordable standby power system financed through Berkeley Propane can prevent those losses and let you stay comfortable and open for business. These systems are now even more customer-friendly in a line of affordable, preconfigured generators for light commercial and residential applications:
  • Coverage area is not limited to Berkeley Electric Cooperative membership service territory
  • Automatically keeps homes and businesses running smoothly during power outages
  • Clean, quiet and neighborhood friendly
  • Propane to provide ready and available service
  • Web-based remote monitoring
  • Email reminders for service and regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Range of sizes to meet your needs — 13KW to 125KW
  • Automatic transfer switch provides safety on both sides of the power source
  • Financing available with approved credit
  • Service and maintenance contracts available


Berkeley Propane Generator Loan Program

The Berkeley Propane Generator program is designed with the convenience of a one stop shop. All your needs are taken care of and packaged into one neat bundle. Our generator loan program features an interest rate of  9-11% with a maximum 10 year repayment, depending on loan term and credit report.
The finance package includes the generator purchase, automatic transfer switch, site evaluation, sizing, installation, and a 500 gallon propane tank set with 100 gallons of propane. Once your loan has been approved through Berkeley Propane, the installation process will begin.
For more information click the following links or contact Berkeley Propane.

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