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Step by Step Guide


Steps needed to interconnect a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, with Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  1. Submittal of Interconnection Application (must be fully completed, signed and dated). (Submit the same info to the applicable Building Inspector’s office.)
  2. Submit a copy of Homeowners Insurance Declaration and sales contract: (total price with kWh production estimate per month).
  3. Submit a copy of a one-line electrical drawing and the $150.00 interconnection fee.  Additional field inspection fee is $50, per inspection. 
  4. Berkeley Electric will review for completeness and notify solar company of the application status.
  5. Solar System construction: if the power connection will be in the meter base bue sure to coordinate during solar PV construction. DO NOT enter our meter base! Call Berkeley Electric for a Solar PV meter connection, OR e-mail us at and schedule 15 to max 30-minute window of time - with at least 2 business days’ notice. Contractors entering the energized meter base must follow all applicable OSHA and NEC rules, codes and regulations. We will pull the meter and reseal when completed.
  6. Always coordinate the pulling of the meter for work in our meter base with BEC or we will charge up to $1,000 for unauthorized meter tampering.  
  7. When the solar panel system (prior to energizing, if connected in the meter base) is completed, the city or county Building Codes of Enforcement will notify Berkeley Electric of the release. We will coordinate with the electrician to pull the meter for connection on the load side of the meter.
  8. Berkeley Electric engineering/metering staff is notified and a service order is submitted for installation of a bi-directional Net Meter.
  9. There is typically a two-week time period after the release is called in by the Building Codes Official for the Net Meter to be installed.  Do not leave the solar PV system energized after testing. The system should only be energized once Berkeley Electric installs the Net Meter. 
  10. Either the solar PV company or the member is notified when Net Meter is installed.  Berkeley Electric will not leave the solar PV system energized, unless an occupant is home at the time of inspection. 


Berkeley Electric Cooperative Net Metering Rider is available for Residential and Small Commercial accounts (<100 kVa).  It is available for Large Power accounts on the non-time of day rate. 


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