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Celebrate Touchstone Energy's 20th Anniversary

There's power in numbers

Life is always easier with a little help.From farms to front yards or from cattle ranches to cul-de-sacs.

Twenty years ago, America's electric cooperatives recognized this simple truth by joining together to form a nationwide network to better serve their members. They called it Touchstone Energy after the touchstone that miners used to determine if a metal was truly gold.

For two decades now, your local Touchstone Energy Cooperatives have been pursuing that gold standard of service by seeking to energize their communities with the power and information they need to build a better future.

Today, the Touchstone Energy network includes over 750 electric cooperatives shining its light over 30 million members nationwide.






Take control of your electric account with SmartHub! Pay your bill any where, any time and you get to choose how much to pay. You can also monitor your monthly, daily or even hourly usage data. Find out all of the things you can do with SmartHub!







Start a new and exciting career in the electrical industry! Electric cooperatives encompass a wide variety of fields from engineering and operations to information technology and customer service. See what positions are currently available!





Beat the Peak

Sign up below, and we’ll let you know when electricity demand is at its highest. When your electric cooperative identifies a “peak” day, you’ll receive your choice of call, text or email. All you do is turn off unnecessary lights, adjust your thermostat and think twice before using major appliances.

By working together we can control costs and Beat the Peak!




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