Heat Pump systems can heat a home for less money than gas heating because typically 85% of the heating needs come from first stage heating.

Dual fuel systems have first stage heat pump heating systems with second stage gas heating – which replace traditional heat strips. This can be package or split system with propane or natural gas.

New system installations may now qualify for up to a $1000 rebate through Berkeley Electric Cooperative’s Dual Fuel program when switching from gas to duel fuel.

A $500 rebate is available to members switching from a heat pump to a dual fuel system. Both rebates are limited to one per home.

For more information about the Duel Fuel Heating program please e-mail us. For additional heating and cooling rebates visit our Earth Connect program page.

Savings for customers on comparison> new home:

  • Natural Gas heating at 80% AFUE and $1.35 per Therm
  • Heat pump with 80% efficient gas backup at 10.7 cents per kWh
  • Heat pump HSPF 8.2

Operating cost comparison:

(All heat pump systems based on 15 SEER, existing 10-year-old home with 1909 sq. ft., includes electricity cost for heating)

Heat Pump Heating: $454 per winter

Natural Gas Heating at 80% AFUE: $763 per winter

Dual Fuel Heat Pump with 80% AFUE back up: $452 per winter

Geothermal system at 4.31 COP: $276 per winter


Air source heat pumps can offer significant heating savings compared to natural gas and propane. 

Comparison based on Wrightsoft Suite HVAC software comparison (updated 08/22)

dual fuel heat pump comparision